Q: What is terrazzo flooring?

A: Terrazzo is a very hard (40 Mpa) and long-lasting (50 years plus) cement-based floor consisting of marble, quartz, granite, glass, mirror or other suitable chips. It is then ground and polished to a smooth and seamless surface. The floor can also be finished to produce a uniformly textured surface for exterior non-slip requirements.

Q: How is it applied?

A: The terrazzo, stone and rubber floors are mixed with the appropriate binders/cement. Terrazzo is polished to a smooth finish on-site while the exposed stone and rubber floors are hand troweled by our in-house expert application division to create that seamless look. Note: We do not outsource application at all!!.

Q: Are there colour differences between stone samples and the stone application, and does the stone change colour over time?

A: As we are using natural stone there will be small colour tone differences between batches. Thus there can be small tonal differences between our samples and the final installation on the floor. But we must emphasise that these differences are very small. The colours are natural and thus will retain their colour forever. Pure colours like Snow Flake (White) and Kruger Tusk (Light Ivory Brown) have small percentages of “other” colour in the stone, but this does not effect monotone “look” in the floor and thus these colours are very popular.

Q: Do we guarantee our floors?

A: Yes we offer various guarantees on our flooring covering product bind quality, UV stability and workmanship. Even though the lifespan of the exposed stone and rubber floors are up to 20 years the quality of the bind and workmanship will show itself long before 12 months are up if there is a problem. The true lifespan is effected by how the floor is looked after and used. i.e. dropping or dragging heavy furniture on the floor can cause damage over time.

Q: How do we clean it?

A: Externally we use a hose pipe and brush to rince and clean the floor and internally we vacuum and/or use a damp mop to move stubborn marks.

Q: How do we get a quotation?

A: Either call us or send a message to us through our website.

Q: Is it durable?

A: The expected lifespan of the terrazzo floors are well above 50 years. There are terrazzo floors in Cape Town that are over 80 years and still look perfect.

Q: Can you install this over under-floor heating?

A: Yes you can as the stone and the rubber options do not discolour and are both good conductors of the heat through the floor.

Q: Can these floors be applied over tiles or wood?

A: Yes these floors can go over tiles and only the rubber can be applied over wooden floors due to the movement in the wood. Terrazzo floors need to be applied over a concrete screed.