Our playground and safety rubber has a full colour pallet so that it will not only meet your safety needs but your aesthetic needs also. Included in our natural range is the recycled black rubber granule floor to assist you in reducing your carbon footprint.

Our coloured rubber is a pure colour EPDM rubber granule. Our EPDM is a synthetic rubber product designed for maximum flexibility and stretch and high UV stability. The granules were designed primarily for the child safety market for its non-slip and soft advantages. Rubber safety flooring is legislated in many countries overseas for children’s playgrounds.

Because of the Rubber colour range and seamless textured look, it has become popular in decorative markets. It has been used extensively in reception areas, showrooms, swimming pool surrounds, sporting arenas, golf course pathways and various residential areas and office spaces.

We offer a combination of options that could suite most requirements as follows:

• A full colour EPDM floor;
• A partial EPDM floor mixed with recycled tyre granules.
• Black rubber floor (recycled tyre granules) with a low carbon footprint advantage.
• Colourful logos incorporated into your rubber floor