Bespoke Terrazzo floors are seamless hard-wearing surfaces which can be customized to suit varied project requirements and designs.

Terrazzo is the ideal choice for areas with large expanses of open space where durability and technical features of the flooring are paramount.

The installation method of Terrazzo, by grinding and flood grouting the Terrazzo on-site, create a monolithic, even surface which is highly specified in mass-transit areas with wheeled and trolley traffic.

In addition to the design flexibility attributes, many architects and worldwide organisations are interested in the sustainability of flooring solutions. Terrazzo and Polished Concrete are considered highly sustainable and boast an environmental profile rating of ‘A’ in the UK Green Guide to Specification compiled by the Building Research Organisation, the World’s leading research organisation for sustainability across the built environment.

In situ terrazzo or tile terrazzo flooring is available in exciting base colours with options of coloured stone, glass or recycled glass polished into the screed. This makes the bespoke design possibilities endless. We also offer exposed aggregate or a semi-polished and brushed surface for a textured finish. The Terrazzo is available in either a smooth highly polished finish for internal use and/or a brushed finish for external use.

• Bespoke Flooring are accredited installers of Union Tiles Screedcrete In-Situ Polished Terrazzo Flooring and Polished Concrete Flooring
• Customised(Bespoke) design options (colours, materials, shape design, texture)
• Terrazzo will typically last the lifetime of a building
• Seamless flooring system
• Low maintenance cost – easy to maintain and clean
• No off- gassing or VOC
• Does not support microbial growth

What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is an Italian derived handcrafted flooring system dating back in excess of 1 500 years. It is one of the original recycled products which utilised waste chips from marble slabs and laid in a clay binder for floors in peasant homes. Today terrazzo is a refined highly durable and sought after flooring choice which will typically last the lifetime of the structure.

Terrazzo earns “Green Credits” through the incorporation of 70-75 % aggregate comprising waste marble/stone/recycled glass and the extreme durability of the product. The floors are easily refurbished by restoring the terrazzo to its original finish by experienced terrazzo craftsmen.

Archaeologists have used the term terrazzo in describing some floors discovered in Western Asian excavations of 9 000 – 8 000 BC buildings.