Mix-in the Vinyl
In order to meet our clients need for a hard wearing but soft underfoot flooring option Bespoke Flooring is proud to announce that we have sourced an excellent vinyl flooring supplier and will now also be quality installers of Vinyl Flooring.

Recent projects include The Livewell Suites and Little Hands Centre both in Somerset West.

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Vinyl Details:

· Vinyl planks are not affected by water or humidity
· Thick planks are warm and quieter than wood

· Plank size 1210mm(L) x 190mm(W) x 5mm(D)
· Tough surface coating ( 0.5mm ceramic bead technology )

· Rich woods and inspired design colours – 36 colours and wood grain finishes
· Same pricing as mid-range laminates

· Fast “click lock” installation with no glue, no power tools, no lifting corners
· Planks can be installed on top of any hard surface (no need to remove any tiles)
· Quick renovations, no dust or noise
· No sealing required, no special cleaning products, allergy friendly

· 25% recycled content, no trees used
· Easily removed once worn, the floor can be donated / re-installed somewhere else

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