Why Terrazzo?

Terrazzo originated in Italy centuries before Columbus came to the New World. One of the last handcrafted building art forms, it remains a staple of fine architecture. Used to create floors, panels and patios, terrazzo is a combination of marble, glass or aggregate chips bonded with a tinted epoxy or cement.

An optimal floor finish, terrazzo is built to last the life of the building. Its amazing combination of exquisite beauty, durability, low maintenance, exceptional design flexibility and sustainability has led to a recent renaissance in its use.

Eminently durable, terrazzo is the ideal floor finish for high traffic areas including airports, schools, public mass transit, federal state and local government buildings, wastewater buildings, courthouses, museums, arenas, stadiums, military installations, hotels, hospitals, retail stores and office buildings.

Types of terrazzo

There are two categories of terrazzo: poured in place and precast. Poured in place is highly skilled and requires experienced craftsmen. We feature expertise in these hand-crafted, aesthetic floors which often include design elements. For floors comprised of basic color patterns, precast options including terrazzo tile are often the perfect option. We can help there as well.

Benefits of terrazzo

There are many reasons for terrazzo’s popularity:

Highest quality and greatest durability with the least maintenance. Terrazzo is higher quality than even the best tile, stone, carpet and vinyl composition floors. Its aesthetic and structural superiority and ultra-high performance are well known. Terrazzo floors are virtually impermeable and highly tolerant of water. It won’t wear out or warp.

Renew. Terrazzo floors can be refinished and restored repeatedly. They will return to their original luster—or even better—at a fraction of the cost of replacing the finish. Even hundred-year-old floors have needed little more than minor repairs and refinishing to return them to their original beauty. Maintenance is easy and less expensive than with any other flooring option. Routine maintenance involves only dry and damp mopping, with occasional spray buffing.

Unsurpassable beauty. The visual impact of terrazzo floors is second to none. Our artisans can provide any color and pattern and carefully consider the use of light and other design elements in your building. Only terrazzo offers this infinite range of aesthetics so fully customizable to the builder.

Hygiene and sanitation. Terrazzo finishes are non porous, so they resist microbial growth and moisture. Harmful materials will not absorb into the floor, so not only will unseen acids not erode the base, but if well cared for, your floor will remain free of stains. This is critical in buildings that require impeccable sanitation, such as in hospitals, cafeterias, kitchens and schools.

Exceptional sustainability. Terrazzo is one of the original recycled products, originally created from the slab marble waste chips of Venetian workers. It’s composed of naturally occurring aggregates, recycled glass or post-industrial stone from slab granite and marble processing, plastic and processed cement, or epoxy binders, depending on the type of terrazzo used. These recycled materials go into a natural finish system. When put into medium of terrazzo, the sum of all parts are amplified due to the bonding process.


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